The Scary One, The Ghost and I (2010)

The Scary One, The Ghost and I

Title: 무서운 놈과 귀신과 나 / Museowoon Nomgwa Gwishingwa Na
Genre: Comedy, horror
Format: Drama Special
Episodes: 1
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast date: 2010-May-22
Air time: Saturday 23:15

A comedic story of a gangster who hires the services of a detective agency to get rid of the ghost of a female student. Kang Doo Sub is a legendary gangster boss whose ugly face alone is enough to frighten off opponents. When a female ghost begins following his gang, however, he is forced to go to desperate measures to get rid of her and avoid becoming a laughing stock.

Park Ki Woong as Kim Yongsu
Lee Won Jong as Kang Duseob
Suh Joon Young as teen Yongsu
Kim Min Ji as ghost
Bang Kil Seung as Hyung Sa

Director: Kim Yong Soo
Screenwriter: Park Yeon Seon

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Translation: KBS World
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