Where’s the proper English?

Very few things makes me irritable, but incorrect spelling, and customers who doesn’t put back things in the store where they belong, are two of them. I currently work in a grocery store, and often find perishable foods where they don’t belong, or customers simply leave a whole basket of things in the middle of the store. What a waste…

I apologize in advance for bitching about this.

Now on to the subject.
As the topic says, where’s the proper English nowadays?
It really irks me that people don’t spell right, or use “abbreviations.”
If you try to spell right, it will look better, is much easier to read, and your English would improve.

Just some examples of “words” that can be seen in a complete sentences, just to shorten them. I almost gave up reading a text like this, had to take a break and look at it later.

i (I), u (you), 2 (to/too), 4 (for/four), its (or it’s), thats (that’s), every1 (everyone), ppl (people), im (I’m), bcuz (because), neways (anyways), alot (or a lot), freinds (friends), bein (being) and some more.

Even though I’m/you’re not a native English speaker and your/my grammar isn’t the best.
You and I can at least try to spell words right, and if you’re unsure, look it up.
I’m aware there’s people with dyslexia who has problems reading/writing and needs extra help in school.

I know my English grammar isn’t the best myself, and I’m not that good at knowing when to use a new paragrah, either.

Some useful tools.
Spell checker in word processing programs.

I use this one myself.
In FireFox under “Tools” menu, “Options”, “Advanced” and “General” tab.
Check the box “Check my spelling as I type.”
When you see a misspelled word you can right-click on it, then you’ll see several suggested words in the menu.

Helpful Links
The Free Dictionary
The Urban Dictionary

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