Why isn’t more Japanese and Korean dramas aired on international TV?

I wonder “Why isn’t more Japanese and Korean dramas aired more on international TV?” (With a few exceptions being some channels in USA and Hawaii.)
Asian dramas don’t exist on Swedish television, none at all.

First of all, what options do we have.

The internet, which is nice. This leads to the second choice, if you really like a drama, then you may end up buying the actual DVD box online. I’ve so myself for a couple of dramas. Only to be disappointed with either it having no subtitles whatsoever, or being poorly translated.

Update 2018-Jul-28
Today a number of legal streaming streaming services exist, which is good – for those who can use it. South Korea has succeeded in promoting their dramas and music, but Japan is still greatly behind.

And that’s why I believe fans are making subtitles themselves. If it’s not available, do it yourself.

American and UK dramas are constantly being aired internationally.
Of course there is the language barrier, but with the popularity of Japanese culture and Korean Hallyu wave, and so many people studying both languages, the translation shouldn’t be a problem.

I would really like to hear what Japanese and Korean people has to say about this.
Is it just that the companies earn more money by selling DVD boxes? Have they thought of trying to export their TV dramas? Don’t they want to, is that the reason?

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  1. Captain Banana says:

    I’ve heard when it comes to movies (from Japan at least) they try to charge distributors abroad a lot for licensing, so it could possibly be the same for tv shows……Maybe tv channels abroad have attempted to purchase Japanese or Korean tv shows but have been put off by licensing prices.

    Korea and Japan share tv shows and have also begun doing some crossover tv shows featuring actors and actresses from each others countries so I think it’s only a matter of time before they start going further afield.

    I think legitimate streaming will be the way to go in the future anyway, it’s already happening with sites like dramafever and crunchyroll, but we’ll have to wait for these tv stations to embrace the internet and use it (with fair pricing!)

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