YOHIO to sing duet with GACKT and 2013 tour

YOHIO Break the Border (Delux Edition)

YOHIO made a cover of GACKT’s “Sakura, Chiru…” (サクラ、散ル。。。) on his debut album, “BREAK the BORDER”. The song “Sakura, Falling” will be available on the Japanese album, and it will be a duet together with GACKT. The Japanese edition will be released on June 26th, 2013.
YOHIO Break the Border (Regular Edition) YOHIO Break the Border (Delux Edition)

2013 Tour Dates
Sept 6th Conventum, Fabriksgatan 17-19, 702 23, Örebro
Sept 7th Svandammshallarna, Uppsala
Sept 13th Flygeln, Dalsgatan 15, Norrköping
Sept 14th Baltiska Hallen, Stadiongatan, Malmö
Sept 20th Helsingborg Arena, Mellersta Stenbocksgatan 14, Helsingborg
Sept 21st Nöjesfabriken, Karlagatan 42, Karlstad
Sept 28th Norrmalmia, Hembygdsvägen, Piteå
Oct 5th Annexet, Arenavägen 35, Stockholm

Videos of GACKT and YOHIO singing Sakura, Chiru (サクラ、散る…) and YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz’s Not Alone (キミは一人じゃない), can be found in this post.
Background information and my opinions on YOHIO in this post.

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